Robinson Township Recreation Center

Derek Clark

Speed & Agility | Wellness & Recovery

Derek Clark is an athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach with 25 years of experience working with middle school to professional athletes. He holds several advanced certifications in sports medicine and athletic performance development related areas. Derek has a passion for helping athletes develop physically and mentally both in preparation for their chosen sport and recovering from injuries.

Derek began his career at the University of Nebraska where he was the Assistant Football Athletic Athletic Trainer and Coordinator of Reconditioning for 7 years.After a short stint in medical sales, Derek moved back to his home state of Pennsylvania and has been the Head Athletic Trainer and Director of Athletic Performance at Quaker Valley High School for the last 14 years. He is also the owner and operator of Grizz Athletic Performance & Recovery which is a sports performance and injury rehabilitation/reconditioning company focusing on the physical and mental development of athletes of all ages and proper recovery strategies and treatments.