Sport Specific Training

Come train with one of our experienced and dedicated coaches. Training programs are based on athletes experience and goals.

  • Pickleball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Goal Keeping
  • Softball

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One-on-One Training

Sport Specific Training – Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball  

Circuit Training 


This class will incorporate strength training, hiit, and mobility to build overall strength and improve muscular endurance using a variety of exercises


Stretch and Core Group Fitness Class

This class will educate and instruct proper form for floor and standing core exercises.  The program is designed to build stability, strength and endurance of all core muscles.  A portion of the class will be dedicated to overall stretching of the limbs and back.
Strength and Conditioning Group Fitness Class
This class is designed to increase physical strength through weight-bearing and resistance exercise.  All major muscle groups are worked.  Free weights and body weights combine to make this an effective full body workout!
Total Body Fitness 
 This class will incorporate strength training, full body exercises, mobility work and core training.
Members $10, Non-members $20.  Members can email for discount code.